Thursday, August 17, 2006

Meeting the man

I met Michael Dell today, when he came to Singapore. I sketched his portrait and got a chance to meet and interact him while presenting him the portrait. He seemed like a "down-to-earth" guy and still very interactive during the conversation.

Although he seemed a bit baffled by the gift that I gave him (Computer Engineers and artists dont go together well!), but he appreciated it with many many thanks. I hope he brought back pleasant memories of Dell Singapore with this gift. More photos here.

I appreciate him for his strong leadership and impressive business skills, he is just 41 years old and he has already grown the company over USD 50 billion. Most of the growth was made in the last decade, growing from merely USD 5 billion to USD 50 billion. Dell using the direct model, ie: no retailers in between the company and customers, adds extra profit to the company. This model also provides quick and better feedback on customer needs, thus allowing Dell to provide better customized customer products and services.